Your Strategic Partner

Hi, I’m Marcy Jenkins.

Finding the synergy between people and ideas really excites me. I believe that our work together can help you find your right work and your “best fit” to provide a meaningful vehicle for being engaged and alive in the world.

My Philosophy

Life is filled with color, humor, and magic. Our real job in life is to explore the possibilities, finding the meaning and fun in what we choose to do.

I am convinced that finding your “best fit” is the most important factor in determining your professional success in groups and organizations. And a good fit in anything feels right, and bodes well for enjoyment and success.

A lucky few find a “best fit” to last a lifetime. Most of us must embrace the ever-changing nature of life, learning how to find a “best fit” again and again as circumstances and interests change and evolve.

Who I am

I value being informed, engaged, and receptive to life’s opportunities. My curiosity and sense of adventure help me appreciate the people and the world around me.

The future, and how to make the most of it, also deeply intrigues me. I believe we can always come up with new ideas, and discover opportunities for positive change.

I’ve had an eclectic mix of experiences that help me see value in the “tried and true” as well as the unconventional.  My multifaceted career has included publishing & media consulting, a marketing MBA education, New York City & Chicago urban buzz, big corporations, small professional service firms, and entrepreneurial pursuits. They all add up to a varied and layered background and contribute to a richness in worldview and problem solving abilities I naturally like to use in my work and daily life.

You can learn more about my credentials here.

My values and convictions are what make me a good coach and consultant. I can easily step into your shoes for a good walk around in your life to understand how to help you make the most of your talents and interests.

How I Work

I offer a hybrid coaching/consulting approach to support my clients’ career development and business effectiveness and help them create more balanced lives so they enjoy greater personal and professional success. My clients become more effective leaders. They consistently spearhead new projects and programs that stimulate their creativity, capitalize on their talents and strengths, and meet their business objectives.

I will help you advance your career your way. I will be an objective and insightful sounding board for your new ideas, and help you communicate and solve problems with confidence and ease.

As your professional partner, I promise to:

  • Open up your thinking to what is possible for you.
  • Provide the mental space and freedom (that means confidentiality and unconditional support) to thoroughly explore your options.
  • Advocate for you in every way.

You’ll use your time differently, making more connections and taking more initiative toward the things that matter most to you. You’ll perform more “successfully” as defined by your vision of what is your “best fit.”

Are you ready to change how and why you work to enjoy a better future? Contact me to schedule a “state of your union” get-acquainted session.