Coaching & Consulting

Customized Coaching for Career Growth

I offer individualized coaching in person or via telephone. Our plan of work may include a mixture of coaching, career planning, assessments and interpretation, mentoring, and/or consulting. You determine the agenda during our initial consultations.

Your objectives may include:

  • Professional Development Plans
  • Goal-Setting, Time Management, Prioritizing
  • Specific Skill Building
  • Successful Transition into a New Role

You decide what will move you forward.

CLEAR Shift™ System

You may prefer the structure of this 6-to-12 session program to gain clarity about your future direction and next steps. My CLEAR Shift™ System will help you successfully get “to the next level.” Click here for more information.

Skill-Building for Independent Consultants & Professionals

You want to have super client relationships, do terrific work, price your services for mutual satisfaction, and form effective professional referral networks and alliances. You may need an experienced sounding board to become successful in this role. I can provide guidance and specific strategies, and help you avoid potential pitfalls as you put systems in place to assure success from the start.

Get known, do great work, and build trustworthy relationships. The triple threat of successful consulting. Focus on the area where you most need help and guidance:

Programs & Workshops

Discover Your Optimal Work

A career redesign program for professionals who really want to love their work and are determined to play to their strengths, find their “best fit,” get more done, and make more money.

Whether you are in the process of looking for new work, or interested in redesigning what you currently do for a living, it is time to be truly engaged in your work and excited about your career. Because that is how you can best accomplish what is important for your personal and professional satisfaction, and ensure your consistent viability in the rapidly changing workplace. Click here for more information.

Become a Pricing Wizard!

A workshop for business consultants and other professional service providers whose success depends on reaching more customers profitably, so you and your business thrive.

Learn how to strategically price your professional services so your customers and clients say “Yes!” AND you feel great about your offers and income!

Learn more about this workshop.

MasterMind Your Success

Each “MasterMind Your Success” group is designed to help you commit to what you really want and support you in taking action. The confidential, close-knit environment makes it easier to be yourself, declare goals you care about, share the triumphs of your progress, and persevere when challenges arise. Plus, you grow as you offer support to your colleagues, and celebrate their successes. We all win.

As your facilitator, I provide accountability and structure to help you and your colleagues move forward. Work is typically the primary focus, but we will inevitably touch on other aspects of your life. If “we only go around once,” let’s make sure we each do our part to find the happiness and fulfillment we long for in all aspects of our lives.