Become a Pricing Wizard!

A workshop for business consultants and other professional service providers whose success depends on reaching more customers profitably, so you and your business thrive.

Learn how to strategically price your professional services, 
so your customers and clients say “Yes!” And, YOU will feel great about your offers and revenues!

Once you know who exactly you want to serve, and what you will offer your clients, an obvious component of your long term success is to charge an appropriate amount for your time and expertise.

Come to this 90-minute workshop and develop a pricing strategy for your business!


  • What we mean when we talk about pricing, rates, and fees
  • How emotions and preconceived notions around setting rates can trip us up
  • Theories, strategies and practices that many professionals use to put their “pricing” considerations into reasonable and manageable context
  • How to evaluate the most likely financial, marketing and learning implications of your pricing decisions for your various products/services over time, at each stage of your business and professional development

What you’ll get:

  • Specific examples of pricing for coaching programs, professional development workshops, teleclasses and series, publications, referrals, subcontracting, budgeting
  • Tools for calculating “break even” and projecting required volume and average revenues to meet desired profit targets.
  • Confidence to trust your analyses and decisions, and freedom to focus on your professional skills and other priorities