CLEAR Shift™ System


Do you know what you really want, and how to make that a reality for you?

 It’s hard to be precisely sure about what you want when it seems like the world is changing so rapidly you can barely keep up with each day’s new commitments, let alone consider new opportunities. If you want to get a better grip on what you want and how to make your next move, I can help.

CLEAR Shift™ System

Benefits of Having a Clear Vision

•    Increased self-mastery
•    Gratifying professional engagement
•    More rewarding interpersonal relationships
•    Improved productivity
•    Greater financial security
•    Success on your own terms

Every client story is different, of course. Your history, career goals, and secret desires, are unique. But this I can promise; if you want to shift–improve or change–your work, using my CLEAR Shift™ System will yield powerful results every time.

C is for CLARIFY

First, we set your professional and personal objectives, and for our work together. I help you define and fully articulate what you want for your future. Call it your “vision,” your “mission,” your “purpose,” or your “dream.” We explore exactly how reaching your objectives will improve how you spend your time, enjoy your relationships, and savor your accomplishments. We make it as crystal clear, so we both know your criteria for feeling successful. This clarity ups your energy and confidence dramatically, so you can immediately take steps to feel more successful and in control of your fate!

L is for LEARN

Now you want to determine what information and skills and capabilities you’re going to capitalize on in the future, and what you need to add to your “tool kit” to do what you’ve set out to do. We consider your history, your strengths and interests, and flesh out the context of your current challenges. You begin to see how to parlay them into new arenas to marry your objectives with the world’s needs and expectations. You will learn what to lead with, what’s unique about you, and what gaps in knowledge and skills you may want to fill, and plan for when and how. We’ll look at how others do what they do successfully, so you can model and learn from them.

E is for EXPLORE

You know you always have options! And as you explore the implications of your new understanding of yourself and your environment, we will screen your options given your values and priorities, and anticipate both the long- and short-term impact of various possibilities. You will make decisions about next steps that will lead to sure-footed progress and success. Together we’ll formulate a workable plan to guide your forward movement, and set some milestones for achievement and points to review progress and adjust course.


You then commit to moving forward, knowing exactly the results you are trying to achieve. You are able to implement your plan, with full confidence that it is in alignment with your most important objectives and values. You will have already started to “get your feet wet” with early small changes and experimentation doing new things, having different conversations, thinking differently, etc. Now, you’ll be in high gear. I’ll help you identify and enlist the help, support, and cooperation of others who need to be on board to make big changes happen for you.


All along, we’ll keep track of the impact of your actions, seeing what’s working well and what needs to be adjusted to accelerate your progress. We will review and refine your plan, staying open to new information and opportunities, and remaining flexible as circumstances require. Your heightened awareness of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions will help you stay in sync with your roadmap to success. You will become skilled in making changes on the fly to bring you closer to your ideal life and work. As you create your new reality, you’ll remain inspired, focused and confident.