Become Your Clients’ Secret Weapon

When you first launched your independent consulting practice, it was challenging and confusing to work solo without predictable camaraderie and support.

You still don’t want to work in a vacuum. You want an “in the wings” partner coach to test ideas, maintain motivations, and share successes.

These qualities have served you well and allowed you to earn a good living:

  • Learning and teaching and being a catalyst for improvements and changes
  • Being a good listener and communicator
  • Doing work you love and find interesting and believe makes a difference
  • Being open to learning to delegate, barter, partner, and pay for services, so you could focus on your own strengths

But to become in dispensable you now need to :

  • Deepen your confidence in your own expertise
  • Run your own business using the best systems and technology
  • Be ready to offer the service and guidance that will make your client even more successful
  • Always be forward-looking, prepared to indicate what clients need next
  • Improve your referral networks and professional affiliations to stay cutting edge and continually increase your value as a trusted partner and adviser to your clients

Get your own support to make sure you don’t defer your own goals as you work for your clients! This commitment to your own development and satisfaction will extend your firm’s capabilities. You will spot more opportunities to offer new services, streamline your work to save time and money, engage and challenge your staff, and successfully partner with other consultants, researchers, and specialists in collaborative projects.

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