Discover Your Optimal Work!

A new career redesign program for professionals who really want to love their work.

How are you taking charge of your work future?

Let’s face it, you are the only person who can make your “work” meaningful and satisfying, because you’re the only person who knows – deep down inside – what is going to challenge you and take advantage of your favorite skills and interests.  When you take steps to stay engaged and committed to your work – whether you are in the process of looking for new work or redesigning your current work – you can set things up so you actually feel excited and proud about what you do. You can feel fortunate that you get to work.

So, let’s start designing your optimal work!

Offered as a 2-hour event or a 3-part series, this program takes an “inside out” approach to helping you identify and create work that you will find truly satisfying NOW and in the future, taking into consideration what interests you today, what skills and experiences you want to build on, and what priorities you have at this stage in your life. Not 10 or 20 years ago, not “maybe someday.”   

Take time to:

Get Clear! – Pay attention to what you really love to do, what you’re especially good at, what you think is critically important for you to accomplish
Get Oriented! – Be creative about how you use that inner direction to find new ways to marry what you offer with opportunities in the world today
Get Going! – Take steps to “get yourself out there” talking with more people, learning about more places, sharing yourself more from the get-go, and
Get Connected! – Bolster your efforts by building broader and deeper relationships with people you already know, people you meet during the course of your daily life, and people you specifically identify to contact for mutually beneficial “networking” purposes.

Make sure that you accomplish what you believe is important for your personal and professional satisfaction! Seminar leader is Marcy Jenkins, professional coach, business consultant, and graduate management instructor who believes that “Everyone has the right to an interesting and important life.”